Acer Aspire One 722 Laptop Review

If you are a user who will be sticking to using this netbook for basic computing needs such as browsing, listening to music and other such activities the AO 722 is a good option to consider in the sub-250 category.

Acer Aspire One 722 Laptop Review by Consumer Reviews

Design and Features

The model comes in an all black – this is the only colour option that is currently available- design with the back-lid, bezel and interestingly even the single mouse button having a glossy finish, with the rest of the netbook retaining a non-glossy finish. The netbook pretty much sticks to the basics, with a basic layout of a keyboard, touchpad and power button and no quick access buttons. Having a plastic finish and measuring around 1-inch in thickness, the Aspire One 722s chassis is smooth-edged around the edges and corners. The Aspire One 722 does weigh in at 1.46kg, which is mostly in the expected weight range for netbook’s with 11.6-inch screens.


The Acer netbook’s 11.6-inch glossy screen has a native resolution of 1366768. The screen is sufficiently bright, and the viewing angles are decent. The screen can be tilted to almost 150-160 degrees backwards. Moreover, with the handy HDMI port you can also connect to an external display source as and when required.


On the Acer’s FineTip keyboard is the comparatively larger size of the majority of the 84-individual keys – the flat keys are rather elevated giving the impression that they’re ‘floating’. However despite all the positives, the springy nature of the AO 722s central area, where the keyboard is located, kind of brings the keyboards’ overall usability factor down – the whole keyboard seems to depress when typing, so typing for extended periods is not advisable. The multi-gesture enabled touchpad has a smooth texture and is responsive. The glossy mouse button is also responsive and firm.


The Acer Aspire One 722 features a dual core AMD C-60, 1.23 GHz processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6250M graphics with 256MB of RAM and a 320GB (5400 RPM) hard drive. The AO 722 features a good collection of ports for a netbook. The netbook’s left side has a USB 2.0 port, a 100Mbit Wired Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI connector, and the power connector, as well as the exhaust vent. On the right side are located the headphone and microphone jacks, a multi-card reader, a Kensington lock and two USB 2.0 ports. The netbook also features Wi-Fi 802.11 n and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity.


A netbook is intended for activities such as Web browsing, basic productivity work and listening to music and the AO722 should have no problem in providing this level of performance. The Aspire One unit (it supports DX-11) did surprisingly have problems handling 720p and 1080p videos. Similarly, you really shouldn’t be considering gaming on this system.

During testing, the Aspire One 7222 did tend to heat up – considerably more than some of other netbooks that we have reviewed. The netbook gives a better account of itself in the system noise levels area – it was barely audible during operation. The AO 722s in-built speaker output levels provides for a relatively clear audio output, but one that is comparatively low in the loudness. Listening through a headphone would be the best option.

The netbook’s six-cell battery lasted for three hours and nine minutes through one of our battery tests, at high performance mode, and having the wireless internet mode enabled. For a netbook this is a rather unimpressive statistic. You should be able to extract around five-six hours out of the AO722s battery for doing lighter everyday work such as browsing the web and listening to music.

Bottom Line

The Acer Aspire One 722, in both its design choice and hardware configuration, sets out to differentiate itself from the rest of the netbook crowd. However at the same time its overall value is brought down by factors such as the tendency of to heat up and the keyboards springiness, which doesn’t lend itself to a comfortable typing experience.


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