Hp Pavilion Dv2713tu Laptops

Sneak Peek

HP Pavilion dv2713TU is a wide screen notebook with Intel Core2 Duo processor T2370. as we all know, the processor is an important part of your laptop and plays a decisive role in your computing experience.

Key Features

If you want to know your notebook properly then the first things that should be kept in mind are the key features. You should know how your notebook will become more efficient and give you its proper due. The keyboard set works very efficiently without making much noise in HP Pavilion dv2713TU. Even the hand space provided is very spacious. The touchpad also works very proficiently without being over sensitive to touch.


The screen size of the notebook is 14.1? widescreen. The Brightview screen of HP Pavilion dv2713TU, with the resolution if 1280 x 800 dpi, is a treat for the eyes. But, HP Pavilion dv2713TU is provided with an internal modem whose speed is 56 kbps with the WiFi 802.11b/g. This gives you the opportunity to get connected to your near and dear ones when you are away from them.

Core Information

The hard disk drive capacity of the notebook is 160 GB. This feature gives you the advantage of saving a lot of data on your processor. You do not always need to keep the space free for adding data. The hard disk drive found in this notebook is inbuilt.

Cutting Edge Technology

With this notebook you don?t get the various ports and slots for different utilizations. The only port here is the USB Port. But, again the good thing to notice here is that there are 3 USB ports along with an ExpressCard and a SVideo. The presence of 3 USB ports help you in transferring various files from your Mobile, Camera, etc at one go, saving a lot of time. You also get the facility of Bluetooth which makes transferring data wire free extremely convenient. HP Pavilion dv2713TU comes with built speakers as well. The notebook comes with 5-in-1 MCR video display card. With this notebook you will also find a built in camera. This will make the video chat possible on you notebook.


Although, the notebook has various features that are needed to be a part of a good PC, its weight is something that most of you would like to avoid. Otherwise, it?s a good purchase.


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